Year's last party


28.december 2012.  9pm

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!listen:  going space - Remetemen Feat. Sundin Hakan

start  21.09.2012  10pm

end 21.09.2012.  11pm


serious sounds, a pressure test for even advancers...

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Zoltan Budai's photo exhibition

17.08.2012.  8pm



live music by

Adam Blaskovics - flute and Bence Blaskovics - guitar

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Akos Mosaic's exhibition


28. 07. 2012. (saturday)  9pm


guest artists

Benve Blaskovics - guitar, doublebass

Orka group (literature)

Dániel Rácz - trumpet

Kata Urbán - poetry

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May flea market

tintasocial and its street

12. may 2012.  3pm-6pm

Earth Party, celebrate the day of our planet together!!

Orka Group invites You in Tinta

readers: Laszlo Barcsai- Csaba Kabai- Dénes Papp, VJ- k.m., Péter Czakó plays saxophone

swapping market
when: 31.03. 2012. 3pm-6pm.
where: Tintasocial and its street

I think You'd better to
grab Your unwanted by useful stuff, and try to swap it for someone elses stuff. at least You can sell it if You can.
( money is great, but don't use it when it's not necessary)
I'm sure that every household is full of unused sporting goods, tools, books, clothes glasses etc.
the bicycle season has just started

Just let You know, what You don't sell or swap must be taken home. If someone knows well, what he/she wants to buy or sell, please share the information on tinta's fb site ( if You're not a member yet You can subsribe easily) or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. We wish You a pleasantful collecting, and don't come with empty hands!!

good news, We have a buffet for all our comrades

plus amusing time for all of us as usual

regards, tinta crew

Julia Farkas's exhibition

TINTA SOCIAL - 18. february 2012.

music - Dj vaklárma

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TINTA SOCIAL- 30.02.2011.

exhibitors: Akos Mosaic, Daniel Sheepsheperd

readers- Laszlo Barcsai, István Kóródi, Dénes Papp, Bence Szenderák

VJ- k.m.

music- dave

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Babuci Tribute Band

Tinta. 27.12.2011.

Saying goodbye to 2011 with the Átjáró public organisation. Babuci plays.


"please don't..."


17.12.2011. tinta

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hip-hop   nu jazz   easy

Dj Vaklárma

9. december 2011.

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!!!!carnivalos 'excluz' odendo mascarada,
mascarados ela mascaradanda de
aristocraticas olto avas do kis!!!!

10.fevrinti 2012.    tINTAsOCIAL

fancy dress ball in tinta...big prize!!

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reading and exhibition

19. november 2011. tinta


pictures: Akos Mosaic

readers: Laszlo Barcsai, Csaba Kabai, György Mandoki, Dénes Papp

VJ k.m.

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5. november 2011.

there was the tape casette from the old times of Büdösök (stinkies), which tought people what the Hungarian girls really good at, or how to treat public transport conductors and told us how bad is to be Janos Egri etc.
Thanks to this tape, many many people know the country's most unblushing (and to be honest the most f...g cool)

Miskolc has a world famous cave bath and the beautyful Lillafüred, now we have another piece of pearl, because Büdösök band is a Hungaricum (unique and Hungarian). I'm tellin ya'!
....and now the time has come for the band to take their right place in music history. thanks to the "underground" crew's enthusiasm there is a new release of the legendary "every alcoholic drinks ruins You to death" tape casette remastered on vinyl and mp3, too.
So, this memorable occasion is celebrated by a tour around the country!!

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literary evening

where: tintasocial

when: 3. szeptember 2011.

readers: Laszlo Barcsai, Csaba Kabai, Dénes Papp