TINTA Multicultural Organisation

  1. We would like to support performing artworks and buskers and we pay extra attention on street perform arts, like individual and group performances. We're about to call  miskolc's street art culture into being. Developing town's cultural life as well as solidarity and social self-knowledge. We'd like to show the way to culture to children and youth.
    Our destiny is familiarize people with many ways of creating art. So we support every artistic creative initiative. We rouse people to find the artist in themselves, and we'd like them to feel the creators' freedom, which feeling is beyond compare!
  2. We are going to work up an international forum for foreign people who visit or live in miskolc, where they can meet open minded people with different culture and language in a welcoming atmosphere environment. We try to make connection between those who want to learn or teach foreign languages, especially the rare ones are not tought in schools. The best way to practice a language is to talk to origins.
  3. Our goal is to buld up a tolerant, open minded community by promoting multicultural values in the region. Promotion cultural dialogue between ethnics and subcultures is our mission.
  4. We want to get involved in every movement in connection with sustainable development. We promote environmentally conscious living. force people handle their waste and consume responsibly.
  5. We stay connected with similar organisations local and worldwide.

„Think globally, act locally!"