oi to all riders in miskolc

there’s nothing more disturbing than a flat brake or a squeaking tire when You want to pedal. We bet you do want to, because the time is on. Finally Everybody can throw the tram and the bus into the garrage. Anyone who has just a tiny respect for health and safety has a healthy fear, too: is my bike ready tor ide?! check the bike or make it checked! There is always to find something to repair or to just readdjust. You simply bring the „heal-to-one” to Tinta repairing club on Saturdays or book a date, the number is: 003630 324 4659. It’s a priority to fix together, special welcome to kids!
make the life easy for the professionals
DIO - do it ourselves
The lucky one can have workers class lager or fine black coffee whitenend
help the pros
more talk more fun

and eternal tail wind