Szept. 6., 21:00 – szept. 7., 21:27
a kisavasi rejtek műintézmény

Finally tinta's and rejtek's people can enjoy Arma Agharta's mind blowing noise show! a good 30 minutes of high resolution humor is


23.08.19. 21.00–23.20

rej_tek kisavas

Summerending gathering! Berlin based duo launched their musical co-opertion in 2018 is visiting lovely Rejtek. a strong taste of everything is expected from classical music through triphop to rocky stuff. Eleonora and Mattia will amaze us for sure
ease your wallet by blue note, thanks!



09. 07. 19. 21.00 - 0.00
Tintasocial - avasi amfiteátrum

tintacrew is hyperexcited because of Takkiduda's visit. Japanese eclectica with adorable show elements, in the green!!
cash support welcome


Lime Crush & La Sabotage 

11. 07. 19.  21:00–0:00
Zsolcai sor 198, Miskolc 3530, Magyarország


Fettkakao is a sound creating workshop in vienna, two bands make themselves appear from there at town's latest opened garden venue, Rejtek. Artisticly punky attitude is expected
support them by an affordable amount of dollar



MÁJUS 28. 20:00–23:57
TINTAsocial - Grund pinceszínház

Tinta an Grund proudly presents three beautiful performers to Your ears and eyes. Howie an old school never-retiring Glasgow punk boy touring the world with his acoustic bass guitar, he creates a never heared atmosphere in the base menr, just like the others, haha. Anna Henriksson also lives in Göteborg, but comes from the North of Sweden and is used to those great melancholic and gorgeous landscapes. We can feel it in her music.
Using her voice, guitar and a small drum machine; she creates a comfortable space through her beautiful melodies and words for the listener to get lost into. Sheik Anorak is a solo/ one man band led by Frank Garcia, a French musician now relocated in Göteborg, Sweden.
Sheik Anorak’s music is a wide range of all Frank’s influences – from minimal techno to indie pop, from kraut rock to noise/nowave…
His music is quite hard to categorize. After several EPs and full lengths, Sheik Anorak has developed through the years his own style and sound.
! 1.5 k in!


TINTAsocial -
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

10. 05. 21.00


oi Everyone! Changing the mood, unconventional sounds fill up tinta's air. Its the Grund Basement again avoiding the busy wine fest feeling. Prepare Yourselves for one of the most artistic/unique music enjoyment because we have a French boy, Antez!! he really creates sound seance, with his own built instrument and an 8-year-long developed method to resonate a nano universe among the listeners. Yo will be the sensors, and listening experiment will be different from anything You've heard from any kind of speaker. Sorrundings plus You plus Antez make the adventure together, super exciting!!

Allegedly we get pure electronica experimental noises from our budapestian friends Rovar17 Vs. Xpldnglke give us a strong live act
Follwing them Fixateur Externe, a true surprisement, as well..

also on the menu MaN (Visual & dj set)


Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

Május 03. 20.00


Ninocska 23 év után újra Miskolcon! Mert azóta is a 90-es évek magyar újhullámán szörfözünk és mert a Tintában bárki felléphet. Olyan lesz mint a legjobb magyar válogatás kazid 25 évvel ezelőtt (Neurotic, Európa Kiadó, Balaton, Trabant, 2.műsor...)
A bemelegítést vezényli a DARUK, szóval velük bandázunk.



Miskolc 12.4.2019

Terminal State (electro-industrial, SK) Terminal State - Electro
Support: Fontanela (cinematic dark ambient / rhytmic noise, SK) Fontanela
Királyi Papság (electronic Jesustechno, HU) Királyi PAPság Zenekar


Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

01.04. 20.00

We proudly present a one man bass show, Kornel from Debrecen has all the artistic freedom to handle his guitar as he wants to. Strong destorsion is expected. Pozvakowski boys have put tinta on a higher shelf last spring with their compromise free harsh nois-avalanche, awsome cinematic elements in the show!!



28. 03. 19. 21:00 – 23:58
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

Samco from Slovakia and his Scottish friend are about to turn our basement upside down..something comoletely different again!
some huf in! thanks


2019. március 30. szombat 18-20h
Tinta Social - Miskolc, Kisavas Zsolcai sor 164. (a Palacsintaház mellett balra felfelé a Halásztanya után)

Egy kis kelet-magyarországi faluban, Sajókazán alapította meg Orsós János roma származású tanár a buddhista Dr. Ámbédkar gimnáziumot, hogy a hátrányos helyzetű roma fiatalok számára perspektívát nyújtson. Az iskola ma már Miskolcon működik.

A Mérges Buddha a romák társadalomból való kizárását dokumentálja, és azt a kísérletet, hogy hogyan lehetne változtatni ezen a képzés és a spiritualitás segítségével. Az alapító és az iskolaigazgató, Derdák Tibor szeretnék egy maguk választotta élet felé vezetni a fiatalokat, s megerősíteni őket a társadalom ellenséges reakcióival szemben.

Rendező: Stefan Ludwig

Információ a filmről:

A filmvetítésre a belépés ingyenes és nyilvános, előzetes regisztráció nem szükséges.

További információ: Udvarhelyi Tessza (06 20 381 8996), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


08. 03. 19. 21:00 – 23:58
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

Croatian band Paul The Walrus helps us to celebrate our girls and ladies and all the madams on International womens day, Their music goes very well with shaking body parts endless. More infos from them come very soon
one blue note is welcome at the door

a nice vid in the topic:



01. 03. 19. 21:00 – 23:58
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

Wow, its a Friday..dont know how it happened, we apologize! Anyway, You have a bunch of peaceful hooligans in the cellar, two fists of the eastern block brings You harsh punk attitude noises. New born Parnepars music comes from the legendary yugopunk scene from the eighties. Another twist on the post punk tonight is Pokora's no wave loud shit, our comrades from Kosice happy to be back to Miskolc

Any support is welcome



4. februar 2019.,  20:30–23:58
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

Let us introduce You a heavily independent style r'n'r band, Acute Dose from the Czech Republic. they'll make You move as hell. this night is a well prominent start for the new venue, because we also have good old homeboys, Kabin on stage pumping more energy.
1K HUF to leave at the door.thanks!

We and Your performers are living in a healthy flexible matrix, so there is no Spring agenda in advance. Great gigs are coming very soon! Watch the news!!



07. december 18. 20.00

We are about to close this beautiful year and the loved venue by presenting You a lovely DDR sick band Honek-ker..links below.. guys from Kösz Vitya band is also a headliner for this event



22. november 18. 21:15–23:15

Stephen Paul Taylor is a NeoSynthPunk musician living in Berlin, Germany. He is the
glittery, glammed-up lovechild of Future Islands and Daft Punk with a dash of Freddy
Mercury thrown in for good measure. His live shows are a high-energy cocktail of
memorable songs and frequent costume changes set to a “costume change song”. His set
is packed with hooky pop songs full of sing-along choruses and tasty synth lines.



22. november 18.

The late John Coltrane moshing in a techno club wearing a dashiki. Dances when he's tired. Adam x guitar, fx Viktor x sax, fx Szabi x sax, fx Gergô x drums


Daliborek fajtiszta világa - közösségi dokumentumfilm vetítés

2018. november 16.

Svět podle Daliborka (Daliborek fajtiszta világa)
r.: Vít Klusák, cseh dokumentum-tragikomédia, 2017
105 perc, magyar felirattal
Közösségi filmvetítés és élmény megbeszélés a Tintában
Kinedok, KINOdomino


03. november 18. TINTA SOCIAL

Hurray! Mara Jade in the room again! Never easy to classify this young but original Czech guitar based band, we loved them so much last April! Followers are also freshminded guys, Miskolcian boyband called Daruk, soo punky

27. 10. 2018.  

Feel welcome to our next show, hosted by two guitar based lovely bands from Debrecen and Graz, beautiful vocals expected as well as alter/garage melodies