Royal Hungarian Noizemakers and Stigmatic Destruction
Tinta di Soziale
05. 01. 18. 20:00–23:55

Next friday You will have Royal Hungarian Noizemakers and Stigmatic Destruction duos from BP. Great start for '18 to listen some heavy stuff rather than stupid partiing. 


The Royal Hungarian Noisemakers were formed in 2015 (perhaps the most chaotic year of the 21st century) to reflect the sound of the times and the Hungarian National Noise traditions. It questions the remarkable European spirit.

God is dead. As the Ancient ones fell with the pounding of thunder in our minds now you can hear it again only louder !

Gott ist Tot Viva la Royz !?


Our focus on the linearity of some instrument objects based on mechanical optic-physical laws. These are DIY musical instruments by Géza Pénzes & Nándor Maller. We've modified the output signal to the ritual vortex during the music.
We are the gods of the lambs! The unseen substance manifests itself in the darkness of the instinct by us. The seeds of Lucifer's doubt sink into the euphoria of the mud by us.
We dream of getting home while we fall to the bottom of the flatness of moldy walls.
our evening prayer is: only man can give birth to a god for the throne.