Fotgjengeren (us)
MÁJ. 21., 22:00


Kísérleties hangok szombat estén. Fotgjengeren egy multi instrumentalista férfi, grúz bázisáról járja a világot, hallgassuk meg! ezredes a tám.
Fotgjengeren, Norwegian for “The Pedestrian”, was created by multiinstrumentalist and vocalist Christopher Manning in 2011. Over the years Fotgjengeren has released 5 albums and worked with many collaborators. With each successive album, the style of the project has evolved, ranging from rock and metal to ambient and electroacoustic. The music is very meticulously composed and can invoke visuals for the listener. Fotgjengeren toured extensively throughout Europe, the Southern Caucasus and Isreal in 2019 and is happy to finally get back on the road again.