ZAJ SACCEUR -TintaSocial

2021. SZEPTEMBER 9., CSÜTÖRTÖK, 20:00 – 23:55 

zugivó, Zsolcai sor felvég


TintaSocial's people are the witnesses of the rebirth of Zugivó garden venue. we proudly present a quadro show tonite:
our landlord Remetemen opens the program with a live show
after a short hour:
Bu.d.d.A. & N - dreisam einsam tour 2021
German experimentalist boys gives us strong ambient drone dose with instruments including guitar, violin, supported massive electronica, detailed infos below:
last but not least Kragrowargkomn puts us six feet deep with his relentless bass play. funeral doom is the genre, insane.
You can support our noise fiesta by some cash, thank You!
from half past six home made snacks are available at the bar