TINTAsocial -
Grund Pinceszínház
Csizmadia köz, Miskolc, 3525

10. 05. 21.00


oi Everyone! Changing the mood, unconventional sounds fill up tinta's air. Its the Grund Basement again avoiding the busy wine fest feeling. Prepare Yourselves for one of the most artistic/unique music enjoyment because we have a French boy, Antez!! he really creates sound seance, with his own built instrument and an 8-year-long developed method to resonate a nano universe among the listeners. Yo will be the sensors, and listening experiment will be different from anything You've heard from any kind of speaker. Sorrundings plus You plus Antez make the adventure together, super exciting!!

Allegedly we get pure electronica experimental noises from our budapestian friends Rovar17 Vs. Xpldnglke give us a strong live act
Follwing them Fixateur Externe, a true surprisement, as well..

also on the menu MaN (Visual & dj set)